One day back in 2011, I received a message from a stranger (someone who followed me on Flickr), letting me know that a model named Nella was coming to South Beach and if I could, I should absolutely shoot her.

Had no idea who she was so I googled to find out. Saw that she was some Czech porn star and she was beautiful but that was about it. So I reached out to her and we set up a shoot at the condo she was staying at in South Beach.

Awesome woman. Drop dead sexy and super fun to shoot. After the shoot, I started editing the photos and literally the first comment posted after I published a photo of her was someone couldn’t believe I had photographed her! Her level of underground fame was completely unknown to me but man, is she adored.

The next time she came back to South Beach, we set up another shoot and that was the last time I saw her. Funny story: about halfway through our second shoot, it registered with me that her boos looked bigger than the last time we shot. So I asked her if she had had her boobs done again. She said she was wondering if I was ever going to notice lol

Fun times.


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