Mo, Auto

The last set with Mo before she headed off to LA. Drove to an empty lot here in town to snap off one last


Mo, Autoerotic

The last set with Mo before she headed off to LA. Drove to an empty lot here in town to snap off one last


Mo, Bed + Mirror

The first apartment I shot in had this amazing floor to ceiling mirror that was perfect for shoots. I think I need a larger


Mo, Purple Lingerie

I generally keep a small wardrobe of assorted lingerie on hand for shoots, items that I’ve purchased that didn’t get used in shoots but


Mo, Mid-Century Casting Couch

Mo‘s sets in Winston-Salem for this shoot were kind of all mixed together. The couch series runs as a basic stripdown, but with Mo,


Mo, Warehouse

I was grateful that this was one of my last shoots in Columbia. I like shooting in the world outside of wherever I’m living


A Thing of Booty, Volume 2

The second in the collected series, A Thing of Booty, Volume 2 focuses more on bottoms in lingerie.

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Can’t remember how I connected with Mo but she was the last shoot I did in Columbia and the first shoot I did in Winston-Salem. I have to hand it to her, she’s a trooper.

I had been out scouting with a friend and we ran across this crazy abandoned warehouse buried in the woods. I mean, buried. There was no path there and just complete overgrowth everywhere. In any event, she and I had never met and I told her of the shoot location, told her to wear long pants because it was a little bit of a trek to get there.

Fantastic shoot. Mo had done a few shoots but was still working as a bartender at that point. She was debating doing modeling full-time and so I offered my input, giving her advice on how to go about it based on what I knew from my experience with models. A few weeks later, she quit her job and started modeling full-time. Which is awesome!

Super easy to work with, super open, and just really pleasant to be around.

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