Madison Scott


Madison Scott, Cutoffs

The last set from my first shoot. With Madison. I’d like to think I’ve gotten a little better as a photographer since then. 🙂


Madison Scott, Bedroom II

For the longest time I was so proud of my first intentional DOF shot which I shot in this set. But my pride was


Madison Scott, Bedroom I

Madison was great. And fun. And I was incredibly fortunate that for my first shoot I had a model with experience in front of


A Thing of Booty, Volume 2

The second in the collected series, A Thing of Booty, Volume 2 focuses more on bottoms in lingerie.

Available Media: Photos

Madison was the first model I photographed and this shoot would pretty much set my course going forward.

In the summer of 2007, I had moved to South Beach and fell in love with the place. I had a little point-and-shoot camera and so was taking photographs of just random things. I had joined Flickr and that’s where I discovered Miami Fever, a street photography legend. He wasn’t doing a LOT of model work but what he was doing matched his street style. Just raw, sexy and mind-blowing at the time. So he was a huge inspiration for me, even though my style never even remotely approached his.

In any event, I started shooting street photography because of him. And then friends said that I actually took good photos. So at the end of ’07, I decided I wanted to see if I could do what I was doing on the street with models. For Christmas that year, I bought myself a Canon Rebel and a couple of lens, a cheap tripod and some other accessories all wrapped up in a nice little discount package. In January 2008, I ran my first ad on craigslist and Madison responded.

At the time, at 18, she was a fairly new teen porn star. And she had only done a handful of photoshoots then. She went on to earn an ungodly amount of money in a relatively short period of time before eventually retiring from the business. She got back into it briefly but then left it again, I think, for good.

When I met her, she was suuuuuper sweet and fun. And bubbly. And my god, she was sexy. Would love to have worked with her more over the years. She had such a unique blonde look and was just such a pleasure.

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