Leidy, Kangaroo and the Beach

Can’t remember his name, but a photographer had traveled to Costa Rica and reached out to me wanting to shoot some local models. So


Leidy, Doce Lunas

Spent a morning out at Doce Lunas, this gorgeous hotel in Jaco, wandering the grounds and using one of the rooms and the pool


Cindy + Leidy, Doce Lunas

From the shoot at Doce Lunas, this is the very small set of photos of Cindy and Leidy together.


Leidy, Stream

Costa Rica is an absolutely gorgeous country and even slightly going off the beaten path, you’ll find some tranquil spot ideal for shooting. This


Leidy + Stephanie, Promo

A happy memory I hold in my heart is that period of time when I was living in Costa Rica and a close friend


Leidy, Surfer Girl

Leidy came over to shoot for a weekly Surfer Girl feature I was doing for an online entertainment/news site in Costa Rica. Started shooting


Jordan + Leidy, Pool

I have no recollection of why we did this shoot. I mean, it’s not like there had to be a plan to shoot Jordan


A Thing of Booty, Volume 1

The first collection in the A Thing of Booty project, this set focuses exclusively on bikini bottoms.

Available Media: Photos

Leidy was one of the coolest people I knew in Jaco. We had mutual friends and actually, I think it was my best friend there that introduced us. Our first shoot started on the road outside of my little cabina there before heading down to the beach. Running into the guy with the horse was luck and he was nice enough to let her hop on. (I mean, who would say no?)

Whenever I get back to CR, definitely want to shoot with her again. Suuuper nice person.

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