Kesley, Street

Wrapping up our first shoot, Kesley and I went outside to shoot her in a couple of different outfits. Have to say, I don’t


Kesley, Beach

This was the last shoot of a marathon day with Kesley and the first bikini shoot I ever shot. I don’t know how it


Kesley, Big Texas

When I traveled across the country in 2009, I made plans somewhere along the way to shoot with Kesley. Having worked together in South

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One of the first models I photographed, I was always a tremendous fan of Kesley. Not only was she a pleasant person but she was just so great to shoot. It always felt like a collaborative effort. And she was the first person who I photographed for more than three hours at once with our second shoot lasting about five hours.

Sometime after that, Kesley moved to Texas and I made a dedicated effort to make sure that we shot again when I would pass through there about a year later.

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