Katja, Dressed

I remember being completely struck by Katja’s eyes and just her overall look in general. I suppose that’s why I couldn’t seem to get


Katja, Park

The last set of the day on the last day of shooting with Katja. It would be almost a decade later before we’d shoot

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One of the models I photographed at the start of my photographic journey, Katja was altogether different. Visiting the area at the time (when I lived in South Beach), Katja fit none of the Miami norms for modeling and she was so captivating. Her eyes. Definitely her eyes. In fact, so much so that she was one of the first models whose eyes I really focused on while shooting. With Katja, too, I began to compose shots a little more. Only a little, though. 🙂

But just such a fantastic person. We did three shoots in the span of about 10 days. Years later, I’d find myself living in Tampa where she was living and we did one more shoot while I lived there. Great human.

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