Julz, Wicked Purple

South Beach isn’t technically a nude beach but you can be topless there, a fact that makes the beach all the more enjoyable for


Julz, Black

If there is one model who I wish had kept modeling, who lived in the same town as me, and who I shot regularly,

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Julz was another model I shot for the Costa Rican news/entertainment website the summer of ’14 when I was back in the states. Luckily for me, Julz was visiting from California at the time. She had been a regular model for Wicked Weasel for a while and so had a plethora of tiny, sheer bikinis. Beauuuutiful woman and super fun. Absolutely would’ve loved to have worked with her more. Sadly, I caught her on the tail end of her modeling career and she’s since left it and has moved into the white collar world. Side note: the beach shots? Those were all taken on a wildly packed beach as you can see from some of the photos. In most cases, I was able to get a shot without people in the background but there are a number where people were simply edited out. 🙂

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