Implied Nude

Jess, Scarf

One of 3 or 4 different sets Jess</a and I shot at the hotel.

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Funny story about Jess. So some media outlet was having some sort of competition looking for photographers and I was really excited about it. After looking for a model, Jess came to the forefront. So our first shoot was all about this. Shot under the causeway going from Miami to the beach. I rarely hire an MUA but in this case I did, to make sure it was perfect and that was where things went south.

The MUA, for whatever reason, CAKED her in makeup. So much so that she had a dividing line on her jaw line. The first set we did was terrible. Just over the top clown makeup. The makeup artist changed her look for the second set and it was much, much better. I actually always liked those photos. But the first ones were just trash shots.

Our second shoot was awesome; shot at a boutique hotel in South Beach.

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