Jen Capone


Jen Capone, White Bikini

From the second shoot with Jen, this was back at the apartment (aka The Waiting Room) after shooting in a local garage. An assortment


Jen Capone, Silver + Blue

It’s honestly amazing that I did as many shoots as I did in this apartment. Excluding a hotel room I lived out of for


Jen Capone, Beanbag

The second set from our first shoot. For this, Jen had… let’s call it a dress, stockings and heels that she brought with her


A Thing of Booty, Volume 1

The first collection in the A Thing of Booty project, this set focuses exclusively on bikini bottoms.

Available Media: Photos

Jen and I did three shoots together over the course of a little over a year. She had been referred to me from Katie Cummings, another adult starlet, who I had previously shot. She was starring in adult films when we met but the first couple of shoots were pretty standard fare: stripdowns and erotica. In our third shoot, we knocked out a couple of solo scenes in addition to all of the photos. This was when I was running an adult site and shooting content specifically for it.

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