Emmy, Hotel Shower

The second set in the hotel, this time with Emmy in the shower.


Emmy, Hotel Lingerie

The second shoot with Emmy. I honestly can’t remember the last time I shot in a hotel but this space worked out really nicely.


Emmy, Red

The second set from the first shoot with Emmy. Had so many sets planned for this day but ended up shooting two. We decided


Emmy, Mid-Century Casting Couch

The first set from the first shoot with Emmy. Cannot say enough good things about her. This set lasted a lot longer than I

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It thrills me to no end to find local models who I know I’m going to work with regularly. And Emmy appears to fall exactly into that category. Just a beautiful person and super fun and easy to work with.

Our first shoot went just about as well as it could. While it ran longer than most shoots I do, I somehow managed to only shoot two sets where I had four planned. No matter. There’ll be plenty more shoots with Emmy to come. Which is excellent. 🙂

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