Cindy, Mirador

While I was living in Jaco, a photographer contacted me about setting up a shoot during his visit to the country. So we coordinated


Cindy + Leidy, Doce Lunas

From the shoot at Doce Lunas, this is the very small set of photos of Cindy and Leidy together.

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My first shoot with Cindy was really a shoot with Leidy and Cindy at a local hotel, Doce Lunas. I had seen her around (Jaco is a super small town) but we hadn’t met prior to that day.

I was always surprised that she didn’t model more than she did. I mean, she has THE look. And she had been doing some professional work in San Jose. Maybe it was because she didn’t live in the capital that she wasn’t pursuing it full-time. Who knows.

Anyway, after our first shoot, I reached out to her for a second, more complicated shoot; a photographer traveling from Germany contacted me about setting something up with local models. That day, (and for the life of me, I cannot remember that guys name) we shot Cindy, Leidy, and Vanessa.

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