Christie, Lime/Exhibition

From our second shoot, this is a combination of two sets, with the first one rolling into the second. The “lime” portion of the


Christie, Yellow

Christie strips out of her one article of clothing, a yellow top. I take that back; she had heels on. The header image for


Christie, Black Top

It’s funny but I never realized until I worked on these photos more than a decade later that Christie had an ass that wouldn’t

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At the time I met Christie, she was right on the cusp of beginning a career in the adult industry. I think she might have done one or two shoots. When we shot, her… let’s call him partner… was there and that was one of the only times where a male has been present who it was actually nice to talk to during the shoot. Every shoot was super casual.

I stayed in touch with them for a while but lost touch a few years back. Interestingly, her website (now a dozen years old) still has photos from our first shoots dominating the front page. They were sexy. She was sexy. Still, I always wish I could re-shoot every model I ever shot from the early days because I feel like I’ve gotten a smidge better as a photographer and it would be nice to shoot them proper. 🙂

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