Britney Brooks


Britney Brooks, Red + White

This was the third set Britney and I shot and, like the first set, we shot this in the living room. The natural light


Britney Brooks, Orange

This is the first set from my first shoot with Britney (2008). I think that this was either my second or third time photographing


A Thing of Booty, Volume 2

The second in the collected series, A Thing of Booty, Volume 2 focuses more on bottoms in lingerie.

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Britney was referred to me by her friend Madison after our shoot together. I can’t remember much specifically about our first shoot except I was shooting with Canon’s thrifty-fifty lens which I had purchased specifically for that day. I was still shooting with one of the original Canon Rebels at that time and that lens was the first one I purchased outside of the kit lens and a really cheap 70-300mm zoom that came as part of a package deal.

Britney was beautiful, though. Naturally beautiful and perfectly curvaceous.

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