Ava Addams


Ava Addams, Construction Time Again

Two months after shooting Renna Ryann at the construction site just a few buildings down from where I lived, Ava and I ventured to


Ava Addams, Wet + Steamy

Of the three sets I shot with Ava in the motel that day, this one had the only bit of natural light, streaming in


Ava Addams, White Hot

This was the second set of the day and, as with the Pink set from earlier, Ava color-coordinated her outfit and dildo: white sheer


Ava Addams, Pink

At the time of this shoot, Ava and I were just beginning to shoot content regularly for her site. We’d shoot photos first followed


Ava Addams, Wild Animal

For a brief moment, there was a promo modeling agency which Ava ran with her partner and for which I was the photographer. The


Ava Addams, Tube Socks

These photos were part of the massive data haul that came back on the restored drive. It’s funny because I never remembered this shoot


Ava Addams, Pool III

From our second shoot, the third “pool” set of the day. I promise, there was a pool there. Just behind me. But I don’t


Ava Addams, Pool II

The second set of the day, indoors around the pool table. The lighting was really poor in here and I only had one small


Ava Addams, Poolside

Man, it was hot that day. This set went by pretty quick, thankfully, and then we were inside for the next set. Always loved


Ava Addams, Dressed

This is sort of two sets rolled into one and truly, One of the most rare sets I’ve shot. This set with Ava is


Ava Addams, On the Bed

I remember being super excited about working with Ava when we met. And we had met a few days earlier at a Starbucks on

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Ava was referred to me by Renna even though Renna and I had never met, let alone shot. It was because she liked my photos of Britney (who she was friends with) that Renna sent Ava my way.

At the time, Ava had been known for being in one of Playboy’s special editions. Something about busty which Ava most definitely was and is. Our first shoot, we did at my apartment in South Beach. Not sure how the second shoot came about but there was a house that was used by one of the big porn studios in Miami that she had access to so I drove up to Ft. Lauderdale to shoot her there.

In January 2009, Ava moved in with me to my two-bedroom apartment and we started shooting solo and girl/girl content regularly. I built her website for her then and from January until April, most of my attention was pretty much entirely on her.

We might have continued shooting but I was getting pretty exhausted with life and decided to mix things up and drive from South Beach to L.A. on a 49cc scooter. Oddly enough, about five days after I left South Beach on that trip, Ava hopped on a plane and moved to L.A. I wouldn’t get there for another four weeks. After moving to L.A. is when Ava started shooting boy/girl content.

Definitely a memory. I’ll never forget the day she moved in.

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