Shot in South Beach

Nella, Couch

The last set I shot with Nella was on the couch in this condo. Just a gorgeous woman.

Nella, Bedroom

The condo was pretty much just one large room with a kitchen off to the side and a bathroom tucked away in the corner. But it had

Nella, Hot Pink

The second set with Nella on the balcony, this is one of my favorites with her. And it’s mostly for the colors. Nella’s gorgeous in all of

Nella, Balcony Living

Nella’s second stay in South Beach was in the same high-rise but a different condo. Actually liked this one a lot more since it had the balcony.

Josie, Mask

The first of two solo scenes I shot with Josie for the adult site I was running at the time. This set contains only the stills. That

Carly, Tiara

There used to be this little costume and prop shop on Washington Ave in South Beach when I lived there that had the best collection I’ve ever

Katie C, Fetish

The photos in this set with Katie were limited and were strictly supplemental to the videos shot.

Katie Cummings, Purple Panties

The fourth and last set of the first shoot with Katie. All of the sets were part of one of my early adult productions: The Morning After,

Katie Cummings, Hosiery

When I first decided to build and run an adult site, I thought I’d try to appeal to as many people as possible so I would shoot

Katie Cummings, The Morning After

This was a fun shoot. Did three basic sets with Katie (photos and full-length solo videos) and then some short promo videos on top. The theme for

Implied Nude
Jess, Scarf

One of a few different sets Jess and I shot at the hotel.

Jess, Bedroom

I’m sure if I gave it any thought I could remember the name of this boutique hotel where we shot. But it was pretty perfect for what

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