Shot in South Beach

Jacquelyn, Black

The first of two sets with Jacquelyn, this one in the black bikini, the other in a white bathing suit.

Kendra, South Pointe

Kendra was one of the models I shot specifically for a weekly feature running in a news/entertainment site out of Costa Rica at the time. Shot really

Julz, Wicked Purple

South Beach isn’t technically a nude beach but you can be topless there, a fact that makes the beach all the more enjoyable for everyone. The bikini

Julz, Black

If there is one model who I wish had kept modeling, who lived in the same town as me, and who I shot regularly, Julz might be

Milan, Bay

The second shoot with Milan, this one on the bay side of South Beach.

Milan, Beach

The first shoot with Milan at Miami Beach. I’ve gone to the beach at  all hours of the day, from South Pointe Park up to the mid-70s,

Gabriella, Streets of South Beach

Gabriella, Vivienne, and I met at a restaurant close by before venturing out. Shot all along South Pointe before venturing up to the alleyways in SoFi and

Vivienne, Streets of South Beach

Really wish I had worked more with Vivienne when I had the chance. Just a beautiful model, fun, and easy to work with.

Vivienne + Gabriella, South Beach

So when Gabriella showed up with Vivienne, it was a nice treat. And naturally, they coordinated everything ahead of time making shooting them together fantastic.

Model Anon, Rooftop

Shot this lovely human once during the summer of ’14. You’ll notice that the backdrop changes after the first few photos. That was because we were run

Ashley, Urban Jungle Girl

This was on the north side of the beach. Favorite shots? Holding out the peace sign and the two at the end with the solid stance and

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