Shot in Miami

Catrina, Little Havana

I had wanted to shoot near the metro area but mostly around Little Havana. So after knocking out a few shots, we headed over there for the

Jess, Under the Bridge

The first shoot with Jess, under the overpass to the beach. Hired an MUA who I had never worked with previously specifically because I was going to

Ava Addams, Wet + Steamy

Of the three sets I shot with Ava in the motel that day, this one had the only bit of natural light, streaming in from the window

Ava Addams + Tatiana, Pink

Ava and Tatiana getting intimate on a staircase was a scene. The matching pink outfits were provided by Tatiana. I was going to say that this is

Karol, Miami II

The second shoot with Karol was pretty much the first shoot all over again. And I’m not sure why I did it like that because there were

Karol, Lingerie II

I’m not sure why we revisited the lingerie but this was the second set with Karol in her home in the same lingerie. I mean, it’s not

A Thing of Booty, Volume 1

The first collection in the A Thing of Booty project, this set focuses exclusively on bikini bottoms.


Anastasia was one of the nicer earlier surprises in my shooting career. Spent forever trying to coordinate our first shoot. Every time we’d set it up, something


Catrina was visiting Miami and while she was there, she and I scheduled a shoot. Very laid back shoot. I picked her up at her hotel, we

Implied Nude

Funny story about Jess. So some media outlet was having some sort of competition looking for photographers and I was really excited about it. After looking for


At the time I met Karol, I had been photographing models for about eight months. Compositionally, I was beginning to find my way and I was decidedly

Renna Ryann

Renna is one of my closest friends. After I shot Britney, she reached out to me about doing a pregnancy shoot (which I declined because I had

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