• Catrina, Little Havana

    Catrina, Little Havana

    I had wanted to shoot near the metro area but mostly around Little Havana. So after knocking out a few shots, we headed over there for the bulk of the shoot.

  • Jess, Under the Bridge

    Jess, Under the Bridge

    The first shoot with Jess, under the overpass to the beach. Hired an MUA who I had never worked with previously specifically because I was going to submitting these photos for a particular submission. Dug Jess’ look. The MUA’s work, not so much. One of the looks was completely unusable with a dividing line on…

  • Anastasia, Park

    Anastasia, Park

    One of the riskier public sets I shot, and definitely the most risky set with Anastasia. You can actually see a guy wandering around in the background while we’re shooting.

  • Ava Addams, Wet + Steamy

    Ava Addams, Wet + Steamy

    Of the three sets I shot with Ava in the motel that day, this one had the only bit of natural light, streaming in from the window above the shower. Of course, it wasn’t enough so I was bouncing a flash off of whatever wall I could in this closet-sized bathroom. The plus side to…

  • Ava Addams + Tatiana, Pink

    Ava Addams + Tatiana, Pink

    Ava and Tatiana getting intimate on a staircase was a scene. The matching pink outfits were provided by Tatiana. I was going to say that this is another set that starts off innocently enough but there’s nothing innocent about this set. At all.

  • Karol, Miami II

    Karol, Miami II

    The second shoot with Karol was pretty much the first shoot all over again. And I’m not sure why I did it like that because there were plenty of shots from the first shoot (both sets) that came out great. But I have no regrets because we produced some images during this second shoot that…

  • Karol, Lingerie II

    Karol, Lingerie II

    I’m not sure why we revisited the lingerie but this was the second set with Karol in her home in the same lingerie. I mean, it’s not that it was a bad thing. I just don’t know why we shot it again. The first set seemed fine. But I do love her in the doorway…

  • Karol, Miami

    Karol, Miami

    I have no recollection how it came to be that I would shoot Karol at her apartment in Miami, but I was instantly sold on her. She chose the outfit for this shoot and, clearly, I was a fan of the underboob given the plethora of underboob shots. 🙂

  • A Thing of Booty, Volume 2

    A Thing of Booty, Volume 2

    Volume 2 in A Thing of Booty features an eclectic mix of derrières, including micro-bikini, lingerie, implied nude, nude, erotica, and erotica+ shots.

  • A Thing of Booty, Volume 1

    A Thing of Booty, Volume 1

    Volume 1 from the series, this set focuses exclusively on bikini bottoms.

  • Anastasia


    Anastasia was one of the nicer earlier surprises in my shooting career. Spent forever trying to coordinate our first shoot. Every time we’d set it up, something would come up and it would fall through. The last time we tried to schedule a shoot, I got up in the morning as I usually do and…

  • Catrina


    Catrina was visiting Miami and while she was there, she and I scheduled a shoot. Very laid back shoot. I picked her up at her hotel, we drove to the metro station and then over to Little Havana, shooting some in Domino Park, a landmark to the area.

  • Jess


    Funny story about Jess. So some media outlet was having some sort of competition looking for photographers and I was really excited about it. After looking for a model, Jess came to the forefront. So our first shoot was all about this. Shot under the causeway going from Miami to the beach. I rarely hire…

  • Karol


    At the time I met Karol, I had been photographing models for about eight months. Compositionally, I was beginning to find my way and I was decidedly by then all about the natural/available light. I have no recollection at all of how she and I crossed paths. What I DO recall is that she lived…

  • Renna Ryann

    Renna Ryann

    The first time I photographed Renna Ryann nude, she paid me in Nesquik chocolate milk. We still laugh about it, a dozen years later. Definitely one of my closest friends. And it was because I shot her friend Britney, that she reached out. Renna liked her photos and so contacted me about doing a pregnancy…

  • Tatiana


    Tatiana was an interesting and fun model. European, married, with a penchant for making dramatic faces. Not like sexy dramatic, but more comical dramatic which made for some pretty funny shots. We only shot together twice: once at my place and then once at hers (which was this very Miami Vice style home) with another…