Julia and the Couch, Take 2

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The first shoot I did for the Mid-Century Casting Couch Project was with Julia. At the time, I didn’t have a roadmap for exactly how I wanted to shoot it. I knew basically what I wanted, but it wasn’t until the second shoot that I settled into a format that would keep it relatively consistent.

But Julia‘s set, that first set, didn’t flow like the rest. She was clothed, we did wholly different shots (sort of pre-couch shots) in a different space before getting to the couch, and then we shot some semi-implied and lingerie shots that didn’t at all run with the outfit she was wearing previously. Just sort of all over the place.

None of this was bad. Julia is just beautiful and fun to work with and the shots came out beautifully. But my first run at this project wasn’t a well put together plan.

Previously, I had only posted the clothed/fashion portion of the Mid-Century Casting Couch set with Julia. It’s now been updated with the implied nude shots. Also, I wasn’t overly satisfied with the original processing I did on the first run through this set. So now all of the previous shots have been re-worked, reposted, and ready for download along with all of the new shots. 🙂

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