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Surprisingly, I’ve saved all of the words I’ve previously written here on this site (in whatever form it was in). From the most current rendition to the version of ipanemic.com before I ever moved to Miami in 2007. I’ve found content as far back as 2004 but as I look at the data, I’m having a hard time believing that the first bit I ever put up was about surfing at Ocean Isle Beach. So maybe I didn’t save everything.

I’m beginning the process of re-publishing Nomad’s Land. Not sure how long that will take. The challenge is finding (or replacing) photos that went along with the journal entries. I sort of want to brute force my way through getting the words up and worry about the feature photos later. I may do that.

Photo from the first snow of this year. Unrelated. I’d say that winter and snow and cold weather keep me inside but it’s not the weather.

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