Once More, From the Top

The last 12 months have been weird for me. To start, it’s been 10 months since I’ve conducted any type of photo shoot. My reason for not doing so changed along the way but I decided last year that the highest priority for me (at least in terms of photography) was to complete everything I’ve ever shot and get it on the site.

So for months, that’s what I’ve been doing, burning out here and there along the way. There are still numerous sets that I’m still working through (sets from waaaay back in the day) but I’ve reached a point where it’s good and I can comfortably move forward.

More importantly, something else happened during this period and it was a mental shift about my path and direction. It’s too much to get into in this entry but the end result is that the way the site is structured with regards to my work with models has been entirely re-worked.

Accessing all model content

Going forward, fashion and swimwear photo sets, for the most part, are all that the everyday visitor will see when casually perusing the site. This photography accounts for a fraction of my work. I’ve run the numbers and it’s well under a fifth of it. Less as I continue to shoot.

The rest of my work is still on the site. It’s just that now, to see everything, a person will need to register/sign up.

Why have I done this? This site is my home. I want anyone, whether they’re family, friends, or even complete strangers, to be able to stop by and visit, consume content as they like, and not have to worry about getting hit in the face with a stray boob. Remodeling my site in this way makes the most sense.

The model photography is only a part of my story, and not a large part, honestly. It doesn’t define me. I’m not some one-dimensional character summed up by photography of an adult nature. To have that content front and center, takes away from my space here and my direction. It takes away from me. I want everyone to feel welcome. To that end, remodeling was absolutely necessary.

As for the photography, some people enjoy that style of art. Some don’t. I’m truly proud of my work and you’re more than welcome to wander over into that section of my home here and check it out. If that’s your thing. And with this new structure, if you do wander over, you do so knowingly. You can’t just stumble your way into it. Honestly, I wish I had thought of this layout years ago. Probably could’ve saved myself a lot of grief. 🙂

Behind the curtain

Consider it to be like an old style privately owned video store. You walk in, you see all of the movies you like and then there’s that curtain that’s hanging up in front of some door in the back part of the store and you know behind that curtain is all of the adult content. That’s what’s going on here.

Or better (because that makes it sound a little seedy), you can consider the model section of this site to be like a sort of catalog. You can pick up the catalog (for free) and then flip through the pages to find art that moves you and then order from it when you want.

So what’s up?

Like I said, I’ve been on this mad mission to finish all of this photography for the past year. Mostly, it’s been because I’ve got other areas where I want to focus my attention. Writing. Music. Life. I’ve been at this game going on 15 years now and I can’t imagine doing this forever. Certainly, I’m going to continue shooting now that I’ve reached this point with the site. But completing all of this work frees up a lot of time for me to focus on other areas in life. And so that’s nice. And that’s where I’m at today.

I’ll actually be shooting a good bit next week as a friend comes up to visit for a few days. And I’ve got another shoot tentatively scheduled for mid-April. So things are getting back to normal in terms of shooting.

But this is the big thing. The restructuring. If you’re into that type of work and/or if you’ve enjoyed my work in the past, then you’ll likely want to sign up.

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