Kids, Telling it like it Is

I called my kids tonight to tell them what I’m doing. You know, the whole scooter trip across America. Talked to my youngest first. He’s the logical one. The straight and narrow one. The one whose voice is changing completely now and he sounds like a kid whose voice is changing completely.

I tell him what I’m doing. Laughter followed by, “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” as he continues to laugh into the phone. This is a lot of the response I’ve gotten from everyone. We talk some more, and then he thinks it’s cool. Insane but cool.

Then… then I get on the phone with the oldest. We talk, he’s flabbergasted. Doesn’t know what to say. There’s some discussion of how it sounds like a great adventure. Some logistical questions covered. Likes the idea. Some discussion about whether I’m going to stay in LA. He thinks it’s cool.

And then he stops and ponders for a second before asking, “isn’t that how they got across country in Dumb and Dumber?” As a parent, I should tell you that there is nothing that compares to this level of respect and admiration a kid has for his father. We had a good long laugh. Then I told him the other boy was now my favorite. I kid.

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