A Fox in the Forest

Good grief, I can’t believe I didn’t post about this. I suppose it’s because of the whole everything-always-in-flux thing. But that’s for a follow-up post.

So it’s been nearly a month now since I had the first official official shoot with the new lenses. And it was a shoot a loooooong time coming. Originally, Fox and I planned to do this shoot way back in early spring. Might’ve even been late winter. Regardless, I pushed it back because I wanted to have the new lenses and approach to shooting in place.

Well worth the wait. Shot for nearly four hours and, while previously that would’ve resulted in about 2000+ photos, we got just over 500. And even that number is high because about 100 of those were shot specifically for animations. (I mean, I can’t NOT shoot a fox waving her tail around!) There were some lessons learned regarding my approach.

What Worked

  1. The lenses. Absolute magic. Post-processing involved the usual touchup work that I do but honestly, they could be published as is, straight out of the camera. In fact, there’s very little change to the actual look of the images. I didn’t apply some “vintage” filter to the photos; they naturally have a very vintage look, coming from all three lenses. Which is just fantastic and I reallllly love the way these look.
  2. The camera cases. Except I definitely need to rebuild them so they’re better organized. With this shoot, we set up a base location where we kept most of our stuff and shot in an area in the forest that was probably half an acre. So I kept having to pick up both cases every time we moved. I need to make it so that I’m only carrying one case. Not like they’re cumbersome. At all. Just simplicity is best.
  3. One and done shooting rather than just holding down the shutter button. I honestly can’t believe I’ve been shooting the other way. Nuts.

What Didn’t Work

  1. My memory. I couldn’t remember to switch out the manual focal length in the settings whenever I changed lenses. Not a big deal but it’d still be really nice to save that data.

The Shots

As for the shots themselves, here are a couple of samples from the shoot. Absolutely love these.

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