Introducing the newly revamped site!

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I’ve intended to rebuild my site for a while and with the lockdown in full effect, it seemed like a really good time to do it.

The first iteration of my site, back in 2008, featured primarily street photography and model photography as well as an everyday blog, documenting life as it was then. Over the years, the site has changed drastically, morphing from photo repository to personal blog to even that period of time when I tried to be a “legitimate” photographer and all of my model photography took a back seat to the family-safe work I was highlighting.

This year, I decided to embrace what it is I do and my work wholeheartedly. There’s such an incredible stigma associated with this type of work and while it’s never particularly bothered me, it HAS particularly been problematic at times. But I realized that to deny who I am and what I do is to be dishonest with myself and does me a great disservice. And so I am now, 12 years after beginning my work as fashion/fine art nude/erotic photographer, embracing my work and what I do. And I’m publishing it all of it here.

In the fall of 2019, I started a Patreon account and,not long after I moved to OnlyFans. That was somewhat the impetus for me deciding to relaunch the site as well. I appreciate that OnlyFans provides artists a way to reach the masses and sell their art. Seeing that there was an interest in my work in a new medium (outside of the media channels I had been posting to for years), inspired me to move everything back here and keep my work centralized. And with it all here, for the viewer, it makes finding everything and navigating the mass of photos and videos manageable.

One of the benefits, too, of managing my own site and content is that it gives me better insight to what people like. I get a solid glimpse at stats and what people are downloading and buying and can work that information into my shooting plans. If there’s a particular model who is more popular, that certainly factors in. Or if there is a certain type of content that’s more popular, that definitely gets taken into consideration. And then there is direct feedback through comments and messages.

Plus, I can do whatever I want here without restriction. 🙂 Like if I want to type “balls” without it being censored, I’m totally free to do that. 🙂

The site, as it is, is functionally complete. There are still tons of photos and videos to upload and there will always be more of that as I continue to shoot and publish work. There may be slight changes to the site and as those occur, I’ll definitely announce them.

I welcome any feedback and input you have, especially right now as I’m just fine-tuning this. Thanks again for all of your support!

You can always reach me directly through the contact page.

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