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I went for a drive the other night. The day I found out about the gas shortage. I’ve lived in this town for about a year and a half. In that time, I’ve never just gone for a drive. But that night, of all nights, was the night to do it.

A small point of relaxation I’ve found in life, is driving at night on highways, when the roads are less busy, while listening to music that sits right with me in that moment. I had just passed a critical milestone with the renovations here on the site and it was time to relax. Time to breathe. Time to celebrate. So I got in the car and drove.

I’m still making minor adjustments and tweaks to the site (and there are still vast wings to this place I’m going to be adding on) but for now, welcome to my newly renovated home. 🙂

Haven’t touched photos at all for the most part in about a month. Now that I’ve got a little breathing room, I’m going to start publishing photos again. And I have a shoot scheduled for next weekend. So I’m getting back to things. Which is nice.

One of the sets that I’ll be publishing soon is this bicycle set with Carrie. For whatever reason, they’re sitting hitting relatively unfinished. And I like those photos. So that’s coming soon.

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