Circling Back

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You know, I keep referencing all of this old content that I’m re-working. The untold story is that, for the first five or six years of photography, I had a tendency to revisit work I had done previously and redo it. I couldn’t explain why. I mean, I kind of can.

Sometimes it was a compulsion to update a watermark but usually there were more substantial reasons. Processing of early days that I was less than pleased with or just bad colors. It got to a point where I questioned my sanity, wondering how often I would revisit the same photos.

Thankfully, I’ve gotten out of that habit. This current undertaking of updating all of the older work is a last run through that content. My process now is to save base editions of photos and archive them. Which is kind of what I’ve been doing from the beginning but this effort is much more rigorous in that I’m making it all easy for distribution.


And that’s really the thing. Distribution. Because while this is where I house everything, I publish some of my work to numerous sites and I’ve come to a place where my already streamlined process needs slightly more fine-tuning.

All of this to say that Red with Alyssa in the shop has been retouched. There’s no difference in the files but I did notice that a few were missing from the download. So that’s been fixed. If you’ve already bought it, downloading it from your members area again will get you all of the files.

See? Circling back around can be a good thing! 🙂

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