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I’m on a mission to get all of the older content up on the site since I’m relatively caught up with new content (excluding videos.) To that

And One More

I met up with Lakota in 2015 for a shoot while I lived very briefly in Charlotte, North Carolina. Super nice person and great model. Had I


Heyyyy, I’ve finally published the photos from my one and (sadly) only shoot with Tammy. So grateful our paths crossed in Costa Rica. Just a lovely, lovely

New Model: Milan

New, of course, being a relative term. Still restoring sets recovered from an old crashed drive. Milan and I shot together in the summer of 2014. Both

Parking Garage with Anastasia

One more set with Anastasia is now up. From our last shoot. Couple of funny notes: 1) I wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention and didn’t


Another milestone: all photos of Vanessa have now been processed and are available on the site.

Hotel Bedroom

Forgot to post the update here but all of the shots from the hotel bedroom with Emmy are now up on the site. Absolutely loved the tone

Mrs. Blutarsky

At the end of Animal House, Mandy Pepperidge and Bluto ride off into the sunset together. The second in the Gratuitous 80s series imagines a “studious” day

Hotel Lingerie

I don’t know why it is that when I shoot Emmy I seem to take forever moving through a set but both times we’ve shot so far,

Gratuitous 80s

I’ve started a new series, Gratuitous 80s, which pays homage to gratuitous nudity in films of the early- to mid- 1980s. In this series, I’ll be recreating

March 2021 Giveaway

Update: So this seems to be a popular giveaway. I think I might run this a couple of times a year. Feels like a very good Black

Studio Black with Reese

New set with Reese up from our latest shoot: Studio Black. This is fully available to members and also available in the shop. Absolutely love shooting and

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