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I went for a drive the other night. The day I found out about the gas shortage. I’ve lived in this town for about a year and

The Dawning of a New Day

I have great news. Especially if the blog was your first stop on your way here today. Otherwise, this won’t be a surprise: the site redesign is

Video Bonanza!

Fortune is smiling upon you, dear person visiting this site and reading this right now! Videos have been completely overhauled and prices have been drastically slashed for

April Something Something

Brings May something something. Relative to the site, the conspicuous absence of mine from posting new content during April is going to result in a ton of

Hotel Shower

The last set with Emmy is now up and available: Hotel Shower. Available to members with more available in the shop.


I’m on a mission to get all of the older content up on the site since I’m relatively caught up with new content (excluding videos.) To that

And One More

I met up with Lakota in 2015 for a shoot while I lived very briefly in Charlotte, North Carolina. Super nice person and great model. Had I


Heyyyy, I’ve finally published the photos from my one and (sadly) only shoot with Tammy. So grateful our paths crossed in Costa Rica. Just a lovely, lovely

New Model: Milan

New, of course, being a relative term. Still restoring sets recovered from an old crashed drive. Milan and I shot together in the summer of 2014. Both

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