August Discounts

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So I keep a pretty detailed list of models, shoots, and sets that I update as I work through sets, including the dates of all of the sets. I mention this because I’m going to start marking items on sale every month.

Which items? Any photo set or video that’s available in the shop that I shot during the current month (from whatever year) is going to be marked half off for the entire month. So for this month, August, every set that I ever shot in any August in years prior that’s already available for purchase in the shop is marked down 50% for the entire month! And these are split into two groups: non-member discounts and member discounts.

Specifically, for non-members this month the following sets are on sale:

For members, of course, those sets are already included with membership. So the list of discounted sets for August for members are:

And this is on top of the discount you get at your membership level! So much bargain! You’ll need to apply the coupon code you’ll find after the break below.

Oh Hey!

So the rest of this update is available to members only

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