April Something Something

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Brings May something something.

Relative to the site, the conspicuous absence of mine from posting new content during April is going to result in a ton of all kinds of awesomeness in May. I anticipated that it would be next month before I was able to implement all of the changes I want. And while it does look like it’s going to go a little beyond May 1st, the new version of this site is going to be fantastic.

You’ll notice a couple of changes already as you bounce around:

  • New logo. Having used the same logo for over a decade, it was time for something new. And I wanted something that was smaller, still represents me, and that I could use everywhere (watermarks, social icons, etc).
  • The menu. I don’t want to do a site overview yet as I’m still changing everything, but please click around the menu.
  • The shop. I’m in the middle of updating all of the products right now, but the basic layout that you see today is how it’s (mostly) going to stay with only a few tweaks here and there.
  • Speaking of the shop, no more Digital Boxed Sets. Those are a thing of the past.
  • Also, I’m going to be consolidating videos for sets. So where you might see 3 behind-the-scenes video from one set, that will be repackaged into one product containing all 3 videos. So I highly recommend not buying videos right now unless you just feel like throwing money at me. Which brings us to….


Expect to see changes in product pricing structures and membership plans. One thing that I heard from members and non-members over the past few months is that it was sometimes confusing on how to get to stuff. As the creator of the site and the content, it seemed obvious to me but as I began to look at it from a perspective that wasn’t mine and listened to the feedback from others, I realized a lot needed to change. This new design is an overhaul and once it’s complete, I think everything is going to be a lot more intuitive. It’s starting to shape up that way, but the models section is undergoing a massive overhaul and I’m really looking forward to showing it to you once it’s finished. It looks soooo much better. Kind of like the shop. 🙂

In any event, thanks for your patience through all of this. Hang in just a little bit longer and it’ll allll be so worthwhile. 🙂

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