Hello, I'm Scott.


Fellow human, creative. I do stuff.

Hey! So welcome to my home. I’m Scott and this is where I live online. You’ve come at a great time as I’m just finishing redecorating the place. Currently, the site is centered around my work in photography. I specialize in fine art nudes, erotica, and occasionally fashion. You’ll find everything I shoot within those genres (from 2008 to the present) hanging inside on the walls.


While I do publish select photos and videos on various media and social media sites, this is where I publish everything. Entire sets and series behind the images found elsewhere online. And I’m continuously publishing both new and earlier work.


As you roam around inside, you’ll see that some of my work is available in the shop. The vast majority of it (and I do mean vast), however, is available exclusively to members. And amidst all of it – the mountains of photos, the tons of videos – I like to sprinkle a few animated gifs in, like confetti at a party, just for fun. 🙂

As I was saying, though, I’ve been mixing things up here. So if you see anything wonky, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Feel free to wander aroundgive me a shout, or browse the shop. I hope you enjoy your stay!


Do you want a drink? Have you had water lately? Go grab a glass of water.

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