Hello, I'm Scott.


Fellow human, creative. I do stuff.

Hey! So welcome to my home. I’m Scott and this is where I live online. I’m not going to tell you my life story here, you can find all that out in the journal, probably, as it fills with content new and old.

In middle to late 2007, I took an interest in photography, first shooting street in South Beach. In early 2008, I began shooting models. As fate would have it, the first model I shot would be an up and coming adult starlet. That first shoot pretty much set my course for the years to come.

You’ll find my work in fashion and swimwear here on the site. You’ll find my other work as well but to keep my site here mostly safe for anyone who visits, all of my other work is only accessible by creating an account. Which is free. But in registering, you’re knowingly stepping into mature content. So totally up to you. But with it, you can preview everything I shoot and also purchase any content you like. Again, access is totally free. Sign up here.

Apart from the model work, I’ll be housing other content here. Stories and what not. I’m just starting to build out the rest of the site so it’s a little this elsewhere. But if you’re into model photography (especially nude/erotic photography) or if you’re a fan of my work, then you’ve come to the right place as this is where I house ALL of my photography with models.

Do you want a drink? Have you had water lately? Go grab a glass of water.

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