• Renna Ryann, Black Lace + Stockings

    Renna Ryann, Black Lace + Stockings

    This was the last individual set with Renna on this marathon day before shooting her with Ava Addams after lunch and then Ava by herself later that afternoon. Honestly, I wish I had shot Renna extensively in this outfit because it looked absolutely fantastic on her. While she stayed in the outfit throughout the set…

  • Renna Ryann, Mornings

    Renna Ryann, Mornings

    Renna and I shot this little set of her morning routine during our third shoot. I always felt these were some of the most fun and innocent photos we shot and really captured Renna. Loved these photos but until this publication had never processed all of them. Now they’re done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Renna Ryann, Construction Time

    Renna Ryann, Construction Time

    My first shoot with Renna and the start of our friendship. True story: I had a pretty well-known addiction to Nesquik and prior to us shooting, Renna had promised that if I shot her, she would give me some. And she literally showed up with a bottle of it. I didn’t have the heart to…

  • Tatiana, Rug + Mirror

    Tatiana, Rug + Mirror

    A fully nude set with Tatiana. Wait, that’s wrong. She’s wearing heels.

  • Tatiana, Guitar

    Tatiana, Guitar

    If ever a guitar was misused more than in this shoot, I would love to see those photos. There’s a really simple explanation for why some of the shots look strange: there’s no strap on the guitar. So Tatiana is holding and balancing it as best as she can. Which was fine. The floor shots…

  • Delila Darling, Naked

    Delila Darling, Naked

    On the day of our first shoot, I had planned a whole theme for the day. For whatever reason, I took a whole set of photos that weren’t tied into it and were just simply Delila naked on the bed. Not unhappy about that decision. My only regret is that I didn’t take more. But…

  • Christie, The Pantsuit

    Christie, The Pantsuit

    Christie in a snazzy pantsuit. Until she isn’t. You know, I really have no complaints about purple as a color. In fact, I’m kind of a fan. This set from our second shoot might have had something to do with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christie, Black Top

    Christie, Black Top

    It’s funny but I never realized until I worked on these photos more than a decade later that Christie had an ass that wouldn’t quit. I don’t even remember noticing that while we were shooting. In any event, here’s another set with Christie. Side note: Why on earth I shot her in the most bland…

  • Anastasia, Black + White

    Anastasia, Black + White

    Anastasia, in and out of her black top and black and white striped skirt. This is the final set from our first shoot.

  • Anastasia, Patio

    Anastasia, Patio

    In the midst of all of this jumping around between inside and outdoors, naked and clothed, we shot one set outside on the patio that didn’t quite make the fashion cut since Anastasia went sans panties. This was such an eclectic and alluring set of nudes that we’d shoot this same dress/nude combo another time.…

  • Anastasia, Apartment Nudes

    Anastasia, Apartment Nudes

    From the first shoot with Anastasia. This is the natural progression following the Ripped Jeans + Lingerie and Pink Panties sets.

  • Anastasia, Pink Panties

    Anastasia, Pink Panties

    The continuation of the first set with Anastasia, Ripped Jeans + Lingerie.

  • Anastasia, Ripped Jeans + Lingerie

    Anastasia, Ripped Jeans + Lingerie

    From our first shoot, this was the second set with Anastasia following the Black Dress set.

  • Katja, Motorcycle Boots

    Katja, Motorcycle Boots

    For the longest time, this was one of my favorite sets. Just Katja (eventually) wearing only motorcycle boots. I still absolutely love the idea and I think it’s a striking look: a nude model wearing only striking boots. It certainly worked well over a decade later with Skye in her pink boots.

  • Katja, Purple Dress

    Katja, Purple Dress

    Katja had such a different look, very hippy chic. Definitely not the South Beach standard. Which was excellent. This was actually the second shot we set, the first one being very brief and really throwaway shots. With this set, I realized that I absolutely loved Katja’s look. Was glad we got to work together as…

  • Ava Addams, On the Bed

    Ava Addams, On the Bed

    I remember being super excited about working with Ava when we met. And we had met a few days earlier at a Starbucks on Washington Ave to talk about shooting. Such a different place and time back then, South Beach. Good times.

  • Kesley, Albums

    Kesley, Albums

    I have no idea what happened to these albums but it’s a shame that I don’t have them any longer. True Story, I’m a big fan of Tom Jones, Herb Alpert, and virtually all of the sort of lounge-y music from that period in time. I actually paid to see Tom Jones in concert in…

  • Kesley, Breakfast in Bed

    Kesley, Breakfast in Bed

    Very brief and super goofy, this set has Kesley naked in bed with a breakfast tray replete with English Muffins and OJ. Fancy! You gotta cut me a little slack on sets here. I was still just starting with photography and the concept of shooting anything themed was barely entering my mind. But here it…

  • Kristin, Apartment III

    Kristin, Apartment III

    I think this was the first set where I actually used dedicated lighting. And it was only in shots where Kristin was laying down on the rug. Not professional lighting, of course. I had a work light that I was bouncing off the floor to light Kristin up. Considering my relative level of in-expertise at…

  • Kristin, Apartment II

    Kristin, Apartment II

    This set is sort of the odd one out since the first and third are clearly stripdowns. This set is all of the strictly nude photos in between those sets, with me trying out a few different scenarios. If I had been a smart man, I would’ve simply shot everything in the bedroom against the…

  • Kristin, Apartment I

    Kristin, Apartment I

    One thing about Kristin was she was very dramatic with her facial expressions. It’s just such a terrible shame that I shot her in low light with one lens, the “thrifty fifty.” Looking back, I wish we had shot all of this outdoors somewhere and I had used multiple lenses. Because she was simply gorgeous…

  • Britney Brooks, Red + White

    Britney Brooks, Red + White

    This was the third set Britney and I shot and, like the first set, we shot this in the living room. The natural light was best in the bedroom (which you can see in Spongebob Squarepanties) but I was also using a really harsh work/utility light here. This was either my second or third shoot…

  • Madison Scott, Cutoffs

    Madison Scott, Cutoffs

    The last set from my first shoot. With Madison. I’d like to think I’ve gotten a little better as a photographer since then. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Madison Scott, Stockings Only

    Madison Scott, Stockings Only

    Loved this little early set with Madison. She looks great nude.

  • Madison Scott, Bedroom II

    Madison Scott, Bedroom II

    For the longest time I was so proud of my first intentional DOF shot which I shot in this set. But my pride was tempered by what looks like a series of Sears Portrait Studio shots coming from the same set. Thank the stars Madison was beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚ One awesome thing that came out of…

  • Madison Scott, Bedroom I

    Madison Scott, Bedroom I

    Madison was great. And fun. And I was incredibly fortunate that for my first shoot I had a model with experience in front of the camera. And also one with experience being naked in front of the camera. Because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing at all. I had looked at the…

  • Alyssa


    Alyssa was the first model I photographed from North Carolina after moving to the state. Shot in the early months of the COVID-19 lockdown, we planned from the outset to be cautious. In reality, there was far more risk going to pick up groceries than our socially-distanced shoot. You remember. From the start of the…

  • Amber


    Amberโ€™s shoot was a great one-off shoot. I was back in the states, having returned from Costa Rica and was temporarily living in North Carolina while I recuperated from dengue fever. Was getting cabin fever and somehow I connected with Amber. Canโ€™t remember if I found her or she found me but either way, I…

  • Anastasia


    Anastasia was one of the nicer earlier surprises in my shooting career. Spent forever trying to coordinate our first shoot. Every time weโ€™d set it up, something would come up and it would fall through. The last time we tried to schedule a shoot, I got up in the morning as I usually do and…

  • Andariel


    Andariel and I connected through ModelMayhem. Was living in Ybor City at the time and she was somewhere just north of there. She had mentioned that she had this house for shooting so I was pretty stoked. When I arrived, I was looking everywhere to try to find something that was going to work, both…