• Emma, Camera for Sale

    Emma, Camera for Sale

    Emma, trying to help me make a sale. ๐Ÿ™‚ This camera is still available for purchase, actually. It’s primary function is as a paperweight, though, as it is totally non-functioning.

  • Emma, Strฤt Up

    Emma, Strฤt Up

    The shirt that Emma is wearing in this set was designed by a close friend of mine. Neither of us understood what it meant so I actually texted him before this set because she wanted to make sure of whatever the messaging was behind the shirt. “Strat” with an up arrow underneath it? What could…

  • Andariel, The Caged Housewife, Bathroom

    Andariel, The Caged Housewife, Bathroom

    Location, location, location. It’s everything for a photo outside of a studio setting. This bathroom just lacked any kind of character, from every conceivable angle. Even with all of the mirrors! But once Andariel laid on her back, the rest of the shots were alright with me. Why? Because the photos focused more on her…

  • Andariel, The Caged Housewife, Backyard

    Andariel, The Caged Housewife, Backyard

    Of the three sets Andariel and I shot, this one, to me was the most interesting. The gown she was wearing was vintage which seemed to match her look more. Plus the way she played with it felt the most natural of anything we shot.

  • Andariel, The Caged Housewife

    Andariel, The Caged Housewife

    I still keep in touch somewhat randomly with Andariel. She’s an interesting person.

  • Renna Ryann, Downtown

    Renna Ryann, Downtown

    From the last shoot Renna and I did together while I lived in South Beach. It was always so unfortunate, us living in different cities. If we had only lived in the same city, we would’ve been hanging out and shooting all the time. These were all shot at a shopping/business center which was fairly…

  • Renna Ryann, Garden

    Renna Ryann, Garden

    This was our third time shooting at the public garden in South Beach. Every time Renna and I shot there, there was always at least one shot that just popped like mad. For this set, I’d consider it any one of the photos of her sitting with her knees up on the bench. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Renna Ryann, Concrete

    Renna Ryann, Concrete

    The last set we did on that day before Renna drove off into the sunset. This parking garage is a pretty high-usage lot. But we only had one couple pass by while we were shooting. Which was fortunate. That I recall, I shot at that garage four different times with four different models. It’s a…

  • Amber, Amber Light

    Amber, Amber Light

    Such a great space. Just this long, emptied out upper level room in the building where Amber lived at the time. The sheet was was used mostly to keep anyone on the street below from getting their eyes full of naked neighbor. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lakota, Cowgirl II

    Lakota, Cowgirl II

    The second set with Lakota wherein she got a little flashy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jessica, Jacรณ

    Jessica, Jacรณ

    When I first moved to Costa Rica, I was leery of shooting models and it wasn’t until after I moved to Jacรณ that I felt comfortable enough to shoot. Jessica was the first model I photographed there and the purpose was solely for generic/faceless photography for which I had somehow imagined I would use for…

  • Nella, Couch

    Nella, Couch

    The last set I shot with Nella was on the couch in this condo. Just a gorgeous woman.

  • Nella, Bedroom

    Nella, Bedroom

    The condo was pretty much just one large room with a kitchen off to the side and a bathroom tucked away in the corner. But it had great decor. And a great balcony. The bedroom and living room sat in the same open space. Of course, Nella being naked in it made it nicer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nella, Hot Pink

    Nella, Hot Pink

    The second set with Nella on the balcony, this is one of my favorites with her. And it’s mostly for the colors. Nella’s gorgeous in all of her shots in all of the sets, but this particular color combination was really nice.

  • Nella, Balcony Living

    Nella, Balcony Living

    Nella’s second stay in South Beach was in the same high-rise but a different condo. Actually liked this one a lot more since it had the balcony. Looking back on this, it’s funny because there are literally numerous people working on the other side of the building. There are two different sets we did out…

  • Katie Cummings, Fun at the Beach

    Katie Cummings, Fun at the Beach

    The last real set from the second day of shooting with Katie, we ended up at Haulover Beach, the nude beach just north of Miami Beach. This was fun. The video is kind of funny. Sexy. But funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Katie Cummings, Yellow

    Katie Cummings, Yellow

    On the way to the beach, Katie and I entered this bright yellow tunnel. It was too good an opportunity to not take a few shots, especially with her wearing yellow shorts at the time.

  • Katie C, Fetish

    Katie C, Fetish

    The photos in this set with Katie were limited and were strictly supplemental to the videos shot.

  • Katie Cummings, Purple Panties

    Katie Cummings, Purple Panties

    The fourth and last set of the first shoot with Katie. All of the sets were part of one of my early adult productions: The Morning After, a super long solo video with Katie. This set has a nice little companion promo video tying into it, Morning Light, which you can see below. Katie does…

  • Katie Cummings, Hosiery

    Katie Cummings, Hosiery

    When I first decided to build and run an adult site, I thought I’d try to appeal to as many people as possible so I would shoot fetish content. Katie in nude stockings was exactly for that purpose. A couple of these shots are among my favorites, not just of Katie but of all-time.

  • Renna Ryann, Shower Show

    Renna Ryann, Shower Show

    This set was at the tail end of our second beach shoot at Haulover. Renna used to be all about the public nudity and seeing what she could get away with. The showers at Haulover are NOT for nude showering; you’re not actually supposed to be nude until you’re on the beach itself. So we…

  • Renna Ryann, Lifeguard Shack

    Renna Ryann, Lifeguard Shack

    Another early morning shoot at Haulover Beach with Renna. This one didn’t go quite as unnoticed. While we were shooting at the lifeguard shack, some naked guy in the distance behind me decided to start stroking it. Don’t remember if I turned around and said something or Renna did but he moved on without incident,…

  • Jen Capone, White Bikini

    Jen Capone, White Bikini

    From the second shoot with Jen, this was back at the apartment (aka The Waiting Room) after shooting in a local garage. An assortment of bikini and nude shots with Jen. And here’s the promo video. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jen Capone, Space Age Mechanic

    Jen Capone, Space Age Mechanic

    No idea why I wanted to do this but I think it was because of these goggles I had picked up at a local costume shop. The shop guys knew me and were cool with me doing a shoot there. So they all kind of lingered around in the background throughout. It was hot as…

  • Jen Capone, Silver + Blue

    Jen Capone, Silver + Blue

    It’s honestly amazing that I did as many shoots as I did in this apartment. Excluding a hotel room I lived out of for a few months in Costa Rica, this was literally the smallest place I have ever inhabited in my adult life. Studio apartment that was literally a 15’x15′ box with a tiny…

  • Jen Capone, Beanbag

    Jen Capone, Beanbag

    The second set from our first shoot. For this, Jen had… let’s call it a dress, stockings and heels that she brought with her to the shoot. And I had a beanbag. Very, very complicated shoot ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anastasia, The Couch

    Anastasia, The Couch

    Anastasia naked on the couch in the hotel.

  • Anastasia, Bathing

    Anastasia, Bathing

    Anastasia bathing in the hotel. After shooting her in the tub, we moved to the bedroom for some wet body shots.

  • Anastasia, Disrobed

    Anastasia, Disrobed

    The second set indoors from this shoot with Anastasia.

  • Anastasia, The Flash

    Anastasia, The Flash

    Before Anastasia and I got settled in for some indoor shooting we did some shooting around the area with her in a yellow dress sans underwear.