• Katja, Blue Fur

    Katja, Blue Fur

    All of the wardrobe items from all of our shoots came from Katja’s personal wardrobe. So when she pulled out this blue fur sleeveless hoodie, I was pretty sold on it.

  • Katja, Blue + White

    Katja, Blue + White

    So this bra. After our second shoot, I was such a fan of this bra on Katja. And in this set, I was a fan again. This set, I always felt, had some of the best photographs I took of Katja.

  • Acacia + Ana, South Beach II

    Acacia + Ana, South Beach II

    We had decided we wanted to shoot Espanola Way and Washington Ave after Lincoln Road. Along the way, we stopped in front of an apartment building, they sat on some stranger’s motorcycle, and we wandered into a back alley. The throne at the end of the shoot is (or was, I have no idea any…

  • Acacia + Ana, Lincoln Road

    Acacia + Ana, Lincoln Road

    The people? They were everywhere. Note that only a select number of photos from the set are shown here. There are 80+ photos in the set, available in the download.

  • Ava Addams, Dressed

    Ava Addams, Dressed

    This is sort of two sets rolled into one and truly, one of the most rare sets I’ve shot: this is the only set we ever did where Ava’s fully dressed. 🙂 I mean, yes, there’s some underwear shots here and there, but mostly strictly fashion. As you can see with this shoot, I still…

  • Kesley, Black Lingerie II

    Kesley, Black Lingerie II

    The second part of the shoot with Kesley in black lingerie.

  • Kesley, Black Lingerie I

    Kesley, Black Lingerie I

    From our second shoot, this is the first of a two part set and the first one of the day. We were sort of all over the place with this shoot and this was one of the longest shoots I’ve ever done. Compositionally, there are just fails all over the place; clearly, I’m still learning…

  • Kesley, Bedroom I

    Kesley, Bedroom I

    The first set with Kesley we shot indoors. I think Kesley had responded to an ad I had placed because I remember her emailing over some sample shots and I was instantly such a fan of her look. So strikingly unique and beautiful and such a great physique. And she has this great, great smile…

  • Acacia + Ana

    Acacia + Ana

    The summer of 2008, I was about a year into living in South Beach and six months into shooting models. Ana (the blonde) and I somehow met up and talked about shooting. She had a friend, Acacia, with her and they were visiting from somewhere. New York, I think. In any event, they decided they…

  • Allison


    One of the great things about the small towns in Costa Rica (and really, anywhere) is that you know everyone if you don’t at least know of them. So Allison was visiting a friend at a neighboring cabina in Jaco one day and we were introduced. We set up our first shoot for the next…

  • Ava Addams

    Ava Addams

    Ava was referred to me by Renna even though Renna and I had never met, let alone shot. It was because she liked my photos of Britney (who she was friends with) that Renna sent Ava my way. At the time, Ava had been known for being in one of Playboy’s special editions. Something about…

  • Care


    Care and I had mutual friends in Columbia and we might have spoken once or twice. Not often. Followed her on Instagram, very “life as it is” kind of stream. Then one day I’m scrolling down and there’s this gorgeous redhead on my feed. And it’s her. So of course I reached out. We immediately…

  • Carrie


    I don’t recall how Carrie and I connected but I know I was the one who reached out to her. Was totally captivated by her look. We did one shoot together and, unfortunately, not long after she moved to Germany. Super nice and super beautiful.

  • Gabriella


    I had come back to the states from Costa Rica for a brief period in the summer of ’14 and had been contributing weekly to a Model of the Week feature for an online news/entertainment publication back in CR. When I came to the states, the editor said that he wanted to continue doing it;…

  • Jess


    Funny story about Jess. So some media outlet was having some sort of competition looking for photographers and I was really excited about it. After looking for a model, Jess came to the forefront. So our first shoot was all about this. Shot under the causeway going from Miami to the beach. I rarely hire…

  • Julia


    Julia was the first model I photographed after moving to Columbia, SC. And it was kind of funny because, at the time, I didn’t really own anything. I had been living a fairly minimalist lifestyle for a pretty long time, buying furniture and whatnot as needed to fill up whatever space I lived in, so…

  • Karol


    At the time I met Karol, I had been photographing models for about eight months. Compositionally, I was beginning to find my way and I was decidedly by then all about the natural/available light. I have no recollection at all of how she and I crossed paths. What I DO recall is that she lived…

  • Katja


    One of the models I photographed at the start of my photographic journey, Katja was altogether different. Visiting the area at the time (when I lived in South Beach), Katja fit none of the Miami norms for modeling and she was so captivating. Her eyes. Definitely her eyes. In fact, so much so that she…

  • Kesley


    One of the first models I photographed, I was always a tremendous fan of Kesley. Not only was she a pleasant person but she was just so great to shoot. It always felt like a collaborative effort. And she was the first person who I photographed for more than three hours at once with our…

  • Kristina


    For some reason, at the end of 2016, I made it my mission to start shooting more models more often. I think I photographed about four different models that month. In any event, Kristina was one of those models. Met her through someone else and immediately brought up shooting because she’s just beautiful. We only…

  • M


    Sweet Jesus, M is something else. Care and I had a shoot planned one night and, on the way over, she said she was bringing a couple of friends. M was one of those friends. Was immediately and obviously sold on her. Just complete natural beauty. Sadly, M has moved literally thousands of miles away…

  • Mafé


    Mafé was an interesting prospect of a model. I had shot her daughter Vanessa previously and I don’t know if was her or her mother’s idea but I’m really glad that came about. Would’ve loved to have spent a little more time shooting with her before I left the country. Our first shoot was actually…

  • Mo


    Can’t remember how I connected with Mo but she was the last shoot I did in Columbia and the first shoot I did in Winston-Salem. I have to hand it to her, she’s a trooper. I had been out scouting with a friend and we ran across this crazy abandoned warehouse buried in the woods.…

  • Paige Cowell

    Paige Cowell

    Paige is a well-known bikini model who shoots the occasional implied nude. I actually became familiar with her when I was living in Charlotte, NC in 2015. She was also living somewhere around there back then. I never reached out to her then that I can recall. In any event, on my search for models…

  • Rachel


    Rachel was a friend of Care‘s and reached out to me to shoot. Super nice girl with beautiful eyes. We’ve talked often about shooting more but can never seem to coordinate schedules.

  • Samanda


    Samanda reached out to me for a shoot while I was living in Jaco. There was a tree in a mountain town that she specifically wanted to shoot beside. So she, her sister, and her mother picked me up the day of the shoot, we drove for two hours to Miramar, climbed a mountain, shot…

  • Steffany


    Steffany was another one of the models I shot for the publication in Costa Rica. Our first shoot was at the 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage. Her super small frame on her long legs worked perfectly there against the lines. For our second shoot, I had booked a room at El Presidente hotel on South…

  • Tracey


    Another model who I can’t remember the details of how we got connected but Tracey was pretty awesome. I remember when we talked about shooting, she had this floppy hat I had seen in photos that I absolutely wanted her to bring. Just looked great on her. When she showed up, I had no idea…

  • Vanessa


    The first shoot I did with Vanessa was a surfer girl shoot on the beach and I absolutely loved those shots. Not sure why but it was almost a year later before we’d shoot again. Vanessa has the distinct honor of being the only model who I’ve shot with their mother. They didn’t shoot together…

  • Virginia


    When I was living in Tampa, there was about a two-month period where I shot a bunch of different models of all different types. Lingerie to implied nude to nude to erotic. Virginia was the first (I think) of those models to kick off that spree. Super sweet person.