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Ft. Lauderdale
Renna Ryann, Bedroom VI

This was the last set of the day, shot back at Renna’s place after a day of shooting in downtown and forest locations. With the exception of

South Beach
Katie Cummings, The Morning After

This was a fun shoot. Did three basic sets with Katie (photos and full-length solo videos) and then some short promo videos on top. The theme for

South Beach
Renna Ryann, Girl on Stairs

Shot Renna in the funky-ass stairwell of the building where I was living in South Beach at the time. Terrible apartment, but the stairwell was awesome for

South Beach
Renna Ryann, Secret Garden

The second time Renna and I shot in this public garden in South Beach was a day of shooting porn all over town. We started off at

South Beach
Renna Ryann, Española Way

Surprisingly, shooting this solo scene with Renna (and it was a full solo scene) on Española Way in broad daylight wasn’t the riskiest set of the day.

South Beach
Anastasia, Apartment

This set is a departure from most of the other sets for a few reasons: 1) the background/décor in this set is absolute crap. Kind of intentional

South Beach
Anastasia, Park

One of the riskier public sets I shot, and definitely the most risky set with Anastasia. You can actually see a guy wandering around in the background

South Beach
Anastasia, Parking Garage

This is from the last shoot with Anastasia. I have to imagine that this was the bright spot in the day for the dude in the reflections

Haulover Beach
Renna Ryann, Tiki Hut Nudes

Following the Sunrise set, Renna and I headed to a tiki hut that was back against the dunes. The sunlight was crazy harsh by this time but

Haulover Beach
Renna Ryann, Sunrise

Just north of Miami Beach, there’s an all nude beach, Haulover Beach. Renna and I actually shot here twice; this was our first run at it. Funny

South Beach
Ava Addams, Construction Time Again

Two months after shooting Renna Ryann at the construction site just a few buildings down from where I lived, Ava and I ventured to the same spot.

Ava Addams, Wet + Steamy

Of the three sets I shot with Ava in the motel that day, this one had the only bit of natural light, streaming in from the window

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