Erotica Content

Mo, Autoerotic

The last set with Mo before she headed off to LA. Drove to an empty lot here in town to snap off one last good shoot. This

Anna + Yume, Black

Day two with Anna + Yume. The place I was staying actually had two bedrooms so we used the second bedroom for this set. Fun moment: when

Anna + Yume, Pink

This was a fun set. I actually bought the wigs and lingerie Anna and Yume are wearing at the end of February for an Easter shoot that

Whitney Morgan, Futon

Whitney definitely brought her game face to the shoot. It’s so interesting how every model has their own style of modeling and, for established models, they bring

South Beach
Carly, Tiara

There used to be this little costume and prop shop on Washington Ave in South Beach when I lived there that had the best collection I’ve ever

South Beach
Renna Ryann, Lunch

The day after the Sunrise and Tiki Hut Nudes shoot, Renna drove down and we went out to lunch. I don’t know if we planned to shoot

South Beach
Ava Addams, Tea + Honey

Ava gets sticky. I feel pretty certain, with this being the last shoot of a long day of shooting with Renna, that the decision to do tea

South Beach
Renna Ryann, Milk

Renna and I had our first shoot (which completely sold me on her, both as a model and a friend) not long after the birth of her

South Beach
Christie, Formal Dining

When I lived in South Beach, I had this fantastic dining room set that I had bought from a local shop. Exquisite styling. And you might think,

South Beach
Christie, Yellow

Christie strips out of her one article of clothing, a yellow top. I take that back; she had heels on. The header image for this set is

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