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Playa Jaco
Leidy, Kangaroo and the Beach

Can’t remember his name, but a photographer had traveled to Costa Rica and reached out to me wanting to shoot some local models. So I set up

Playa Jaco
Cindy, Mirador

While I was living in Jaco, a photographer contacted me about setting up a shoot during his visit to the country. So we coordinated a shoot with

Playa Jaco
Vanessa, Water

Vanessa and I closed out our second shoot at the ocean’s edge by an estuary.

Playa Jaco
Vanessa, Jungle I

This was actually the second shoot that Vanessa and I did. The first shoot we did a simple surf shoot at the beach. Actually some really lovely

Playa Jaco
Leidy, Doce Lunas

Spent a morning out at Doce Lunas, this gorgeous hotel in Jaco, wandering the grounds and using one of the rooms and the pool to photograph Cindy

Playa Jaco
Leidy, Stream

Costa Rica is an absolutely gorgeous country and even slightly going off the beaten path, you’ll find some tranquil spot ideal for shooting. This stream was just

Playa Jaco
Ade, Yoga on the Beach

Good grief it was hot that day. The photos when Ade is walking into the ocean? That light is just perfection.

South Beach
Chelsea, Lummus Park

Chelsea was another model shot for the online news/entertainment site out of Costa Rica. Really nice person and fun to shoot. The oddity of shooting at Lummus

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