Kiss that Frog

(I advise clicking the play button on the first video at this point. It makes for nice background music. Oooh.

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The sky was blue all day that day. Catharsis is the emotional cleansing of the audience and/or characters in the

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At 4pm this afternoon, we will be burying Alec. I would ask for one thing from those of you who

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Everyone, This post is going to be somewhat short and I have soooooo much to say, but I need to

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I beg

I beg that you please send all positive thoughts, energies, prayers, whatever you have this way to my family and

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Potential Problems

I’ve realized in planning this cross-country trip, that there are some potential problems. One of the larger problems is that

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Where to Buy

photos and videos are available for sale at the following locations:

If you are interested in content not yet available at either of these locations, please contact me.