Can’t remember how I connected with Mo but she was the last shoot I did in Columbia and the first shoot I did in Winston-Salem. I have to hand it to her, she’s a trooper.

I had been out scouting with a friend and we ran across this crazy abandoned warehouse buried in the woods. I mean, buried. There was no path there and just complete overgrowth everywhere. In any event, she and I had never met and I told her of the shoot location, told her to wear long pants because it was a little bit of a trek to get there.

Fantastic shoot. Mo had done a few shoots but was still working as a bartender at that point. She was debating doing modeling full-time and so I offered my input, giving her advice on how to go about it based on what I knew from my experience with models. A few weeks later, she quit her job and started modeling full-time. Which is awesome!

Super easy to work with, super open, and just really pleasant to be around.


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