Acacia + Ana

The summer of 2008, I was about a year into living in South Beach and six months into shooting models. Ana (the blonde) and I somehow met up and talked about shooting. She had a friend, Acacia, with her and they were visiting from somewhere. New York, I think. In any event, they decided they wanted to shoot in kind of the hot spots in South Beach in the middle of the day. Lincoln Road is THE hot spot and it’s a pedestrian walkway about 10 blocks long, cutting through shops and restaurants. THE place to be seen in South Beach and a great place to people-watch.

So we do it. As we get there, I realize I know a couple of photographers who might want to shoot as well. They’re down. One of them, Carlos (who was known as Miami Fever) was a hero of mine. Literally, this guy was a damn legend behind the camera back then. Nobody was shooting anything close to approaching his photography of South Beach. He had an eye for capturing the raw, sexy excess like nobody else, shooting mostly street photography. And his model work was just stellar. The other photographer was Rolo… no clue what happened to him; at that point in time, he was starting to shoot more clubs/events but was also shooting models.

So the five of us started out right in the middle of Lincoln Road and worked our way over to Washington Ave and to Espanola Way before coming back up Washington to Lincoln Road. About four hours, I think. Cops didn’t interfere once. Great day.

These were on the drive I just recovered and as these photos were taken almost 12 years ago, it was a little bit depressing to see how poorly I shot a lot of the photos and to see how I could’ve easily have taken better ones. But editing can fix a lot so I’m mostly happy now with these. Nothing I can do about all the cut off hands and feet, though 🙂


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