The Journal

It was late 1999 when I first established a presence online. At the time, I was married with kids and we had moved far, far away from family. I created a site to share photos with our distant friends and family. A few years later, that morphed into what would become my first real site, And for a long time, that was my identity. That was how a lot of people knew me: Ipanemic*.

Not long after launching Ipanemic, I moved to Miami and started photographing models. Two to three years later, I settled into where I’ve been ever since. My online existence over the next few years shifted wildly, sometimes focusing solely on photos, sometimes a mixture of text and photos. Had I simply been photographing landscapes or weddings, perhaps it would’ve stabilized more. But that wasn’t me and that definitely wasn’t the site.

I’ve always felt a connection to my site as if it were an extension of my identity, my personna. At most points in time, it’s reflected where I was in my life at that moment. Sometimes, pretty accurately. Other times, not so much. Years went by where it was completely in flux (or nearly abandoned) where even I didn’t know what it was or what to do with it. And such was my life.

More Than Photos

Over the last couple of years, and really last year, I’ve settled into my home again. And it feels right. As if I’ve been out wandering this world and am finally coming home. And I kind of have. Everything has been sort of up in the air since moving to the Carolinas but now everything seems to be more stable.

Last summer I decided to go all in with the work I’ve done with models over the years and so I revamped the site to showcase that work. But I realized as I embarked on that mission that it was really such a small part of who I am. And this was my home, after all. This is where I live. So I decided to expand the site. And it’s just now coming together.


One of the more important elements that I wanted to incorporate here has been a journal. The thing that you’re reading right now. There’s actually a blog that’s currently up but it features mostly updates with regards to the model work. These journal entries are going to be “focused” more on everything outside of that. Mostly. There’s likely to be some crossover because, you know, photography is a thing with me. But for the most part, it’s going to be a lot of words unrelated to any of that.

What else?

I’m still renovating and will be adding on a couple more areas to my home here in the near future. Project-related items and what have you. So that’ll be nice. (And I’m putting a I’ve put in a pool out back!) Until I complete those sections, though, I’m just going to be sitting here, drinking a little coffee, kicking it old school with the text and the photos.

Also, I should have the answers to the meaning of life here shortly so you’ll want to stick around for that.

Really, though, I hope you find your time here enjoyable. And if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please get in touch.


*Ipanemic was an amalgam of Ipanema and anemic since my existence at the time seemed to be defined by two unrelated conditions: 1) my search for the ever elusive Girl from Ipanema, and 2) my blood disorder (which was similar to anemia only I lacked white blood cells, not red.)

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