The Darkness and the Light: An Intro

(Just a note: archived posts from years prior will appear on the site soon. It's going to get dark in here pretty quickly. The light's coming soon, though, I swear.)

The Darkness, The Emptiness, The Fear



I shot this triptych in the midst of a pretty fucking cool party I was shooting during WMC in Miami back in 2016. Sometimes the darkness and the solitude can be overwhelming, even in the best of times.

If depression is taking you down, find someone to talk to. Now. Not tomorrow. Not in 20 minutes. Now. Because people really, really want you here. People who love you. And people who really, really care. You have so much inside of you. I know it all sounds very cliché, but I can promise you it’s absolutely true.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline






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