Scooter Prep, Stage One Complete

Dropped off my scooter today at the place where I bought it to get 1) the speed limit restriction removed and 2) to get a tune-up. My scooter now goes… well, I don’t even know how fast it goes because there are too many stop lights in South Beach for me to find out.

But I did manage to break the sound barrier between 11th and 13th on Washington Ave. It was complete awesomeness!!!! Actually, I only got it to 45mph, which made it feel like I was going ridiculously fast since I’ve been hitting a max speed of 35mph for months on that scooter unless I was going downhill. Even then, I never saw 45. 45 was a dream.

And now my dreams become reality. Except… once I weigh my scooter down with everything packed for the trip, I’ll probably be back down to maxing out at 35mph. But that’s okay. It all balances out. Maybe I should lose weight before I go. That might help.

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