Potential Problems

I’ve realized in planning this cross-country trip, that there are some potential problems. One of the larger problems is that I have health issues. Probably significant health issues that would warrant me staying here. Of course, they haven’t stopped me from smoking, so I guess I’ll just take my chances.

In 2007 (I think? It’s been so long now), I underwent pretty extensive surgery in my groinal area (that’s the proper medical term) that would leave me with a significant wound that never really healed. That wound, in part, somewhat guides my life, guides my decisions. It’s a daily part of all that is me.

Part of the appeal of moving to Miami was the access to the water since the ocean is a miracle worker for me. Two months after I moved here and with a near daily regimen of swimming in the ocean, I was all but healed. Of course, I stopped going in the ocean as much and my body sort of reverted back to it’s old self. But I’ve recently started going again and it amazes me what a difference it makes to my health.

When I don’t go, I have what could be called outbursts of really bad health. My body acts up. Not always in the same spot. It can happen anywhere on my body. I sometimes writhe in pain, and am pretty much unable to move without grimacing for days at a time. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen during this trip. That would suck.

So I’ll be ditching the luxury of the ocean; ditching the luxury of good health. And rather than dipping in healing waters, I’ll be plopping my butt down on a scooter for hours at a time for days on end. The one part of my body that’s not really well suited for seating will be situated as such. That concerns me somewhat.

The other problem that’s even more troubling, though… I’m basically not going to be able to drink chocolate milk the way I like it for the next two months. I like my glass of whole milk in the mornings with two heaping spoons of Nesquik in the glass. That’s just not going to be possible. Nesquik pre-made isn’t the same, and, well, what other options are there?

I’m bummed about that. I may have to come up with a plan.”

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