My Exit from Sensual Photography

I’ve found it incredibly difficult to put into words why I’m exiting the world of sensual photography but I can most definitely say that nearly everything about my years working in this realm have been utterly fantastic. I’ve met and worked with so many wonderful people over the past decade and a half and there’s very little I would change if I could (the large notable exception would be my photographic skills.)

If pushed for a singular reason for leaving it is simply that I have so many additional and other passions I want to pursue. Working as I have, it has simply taken up too much of my time and it continues to do so.

We’re all gifted life and have no idea how long we have. This year I turned 53 and every year since hitting 50 it’s like a stake in the ground that just keeps getting hit harder and harder, reminding me of my mortality. The last two years I had an unhealthy obsession with death and I cannot continue on in that way. I would much prefer to live life than focus on death.  And in choosing life, I want to maximize what there is of it; I’ve spent enough time in this particular realm of photography. I want to do different things.

It’s likely that I will still shoot the occasional nude or erotic photograph, however, it will be with much more intent and purpose than the work I’ve done previously. But I have no plans to shoot anything of the sort now. I cancelled the one tentative shoot that I had scheduled for September.

So where is this work you speak of, Scott?

Sometime in the past two years, I set a goal for myself to go back through all of the work that I have done over the years and edit it fully one last time. I don’t want to leave this world with any of the work in which I have invested so much of my life unfinished. I’m still working through sets, photos, and video but I am nearing the very end of the archive. Whereas that work was previously housed here, I’ve moved it offline for now where it is available for perusal and purchase. If you’re interested in that content, contact me and I’ll send you the link.

I’ll likely create either a Greatest Hits or Personal Faves collection. As I’ve said many times before, it’s complicated, working in the world of sensual photography because it creates an immediate impression of the person behind the camera. And I don’t want to lose my voice or credibility because of that. So I can’t even really say what a Greatest Hits collection would look like at this point because the bulk of my work has been centered around sensual photography.

In any event, I’ll work it out at some point. But redecorating that wing of my home here on the internet is not high on my list of priorities. But eventually, something will appear here.

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