Corporate Sponsorship and Letters

I’m pleased to announce that Miami Tour Company has offered up corporate sponsorship for my upcoming road trip across the country. Needless to say, I’m thrilled. Miami Tour Company owner Gus Moore had this to say when discussing the sponsorship:

“Scott, you’re awesome.”

Those may or may not have been his exact words. In all seriousness, I’m truly flattered to be considered awesome. Many people before me have been called that. Now I’m in their ranks.
No really seriously this time. Gus and his wife Michelle, who run both Miami Tour Company and are simply fantastic people. I have such mad respect for both of them that it’s really such an honor to be sponsored by Miami Tour Company.

In other trip-related news, I received a letter of encouragement from a fellow brat just now.

“If you’re seriously going to make a trans coastal trip on a 50 cc scooter you must have balls the size of grapefruit…….or at least will have by the time you get to LA.”

Now I may need to rethink what clothes I’m packing for this trip.

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